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Our Focus

Providing reliable development, engineering, design and manufacturing services for that meet your needs!

Our strong background in engineering will ensure that the solutions you need are right at your fingertips.


State of the art CNC machining services covering a wide array of materials and high quality standards.

3D printing

Any idea can be brought to life with the help of fusion deposition modelling(FDM); let us build it it.


Assembly services for projects that we designed, machined or printed but not only. Contact us for more information.

About us

The need to build, create, improve always drove us to find innovative and creative solutions to any aspect of our lives. Ever since university years an idea was born that we want to change the world to a better place, even just a little bit.

After a long road we finally managed to set up the bases of Build-Brothers; as the name suggests focusing on finding people interested in engineering as a creative process to contribute to the group with the main goal of making the world  a better place; one idea at a time.


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